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4D Motion is the most comprehensive, portable and affordable 3D motion capture system on the market today. Small sensors capture any or all parts of your body, and display movement data and a 3D avatar on your mobile device. 4D Motion is so portable and powerful you can capture any motion, anywhere – on a course, field, skiing down a mountain…anywhere! Connected via the cloud, 4D Motion is a great platform for remote coaching/therapy for coaches/clinicians.

Whether you are new to 3D motion capture or are an expert in biomechanics, there is a 4D Motion system for you. New to 3D motion? Start with 4D Modules. Already familiar with 3D motion capture or a biomechanics expert? Get the 4D Motion Expert System. Start with the 4D Motion system that is right for you, because every system is “upgradeable” when you are ready for more.

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