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Dr. Vigdorchik’s Research Featured in Orthopedics This Week

Last month, Dr. Vigdorchik was featured in The Journal of Arthroplasty and Orthopedics This Week for his study on the correlation of spinal deformities and an increased risk of dislocation following a hip replacement. In this study, Dr. Vigdorchik and his team conducted research to improve how well a medical team can pinpoint a patient’s risk factor for dislocation following a hip replacement.

Although hip replacements are one of the most successful surgeries, Dr. Vigdorchik and his team are striving to improve the outcomes of patients who experience dislocations following their procedure. Now, they have found that patients with spinal deformities may be at a higher risk for this complication after a hip replacement.

With this information in mind, surgeons can adjust their approach to achieve better outcomes by working to identify spinal deformities and changing their surgical plan accordingly.

Dr. Vigdorchik is also working to improve patient education and the line of communication between doctor and patient. He says: “It is important to let your surgeon know if you have a history of scoliosis, back pain, or previous spinal surgery. This will help your surgeon determine whether to order specialized X-rays of your hip and back, in both standing and sitting positions and to appropriately counsel you about your risk after hip replacement and also plan a more successful hip replacement surgery.”

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